Cycling on Paros Island

Combination of exercise and holidays on the perfect island

Visitors of Paros, who love cycling, will spend their time pleasantly on our island. There are many routes and places that you can visit using a bike. There is a main road around Paros Island, which is more than 50 km long. You can use it as a central artery to reach beautiful beaches or the picturesque villages of the island. The altitude difference of this central road is not that significant. This makes cycling more enjoyable. The route that you choose should be commensurate with your abilities and you should always have with you water and a snack, especially during the summer period.

Recommended routes:

Naoussa - Parikia

The two main settlements of Paros are located 12 km apart and this is one of our proposed routes. The route is quite easy and the road consists of asphalt. At both locations there are many attractions to explore. You can enjoy your swim after the ride at Livadia beach (which is the main beach of Parikia) or at beaches of Piperi and Agi Anargiri in Naoussa. In both settlements you will find many restaurants and tavernas with excellent cuisine.

Naoussa - Santa Maria

A pleasant route 4 km long, without elevational differences is suitable for almost everyone. In the first half of the leg you will have a fantastic view of Naoussa Bay and in the second half, houses with gardens and fields. Santa Maria is one of the most famous Paros beaches and it will surely reward your effort! If after your swim on the beach, you have the appetite for further exploration, you can use the coastal dirt road towards Ambelas village. The road starts from the south side of Santa Maria. For your return to Naoussa, the route has a small uphill slope. The distance is about 4 km.

Naoussa - Piso Livadi

This is a route not only with a picturesque destination, but also with beautiful villages along the way, where you can make a stop before arriving at Piso Livadi. The length of this route is about 13 km. On the road you can relax and take pictures in the villages such as Prodromos, Marmara and Marpissa. Piso Livadi is a fantastic seaside village with two sandy beaches and a charming small harbor for traditional boats called caique. One of those beaches is the famous Logaras. In the settlement you will find many fish taverns and cafes, where you can relax before returning back. If you feel too tired, you can take the bus back to Naoussa.

Parikia - Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas is a picturesque church at the northern entrance to the Gulf of Parikia, which you can see by looking from the capital to the west. The cycling trip to Agios Fokas is quite interesting. As you will be exactly across Parikia, at an altitude, in the middle of the route, you will be able to take panoramic pictures of the capital of Paros. At some point, the road will lead you to the seaside again, where you can stop for a swim at the famous Marcello beach or Krios. If you do not like the crowds on those beaches, there are small ones along the road to Agios Fokas. There is also a nice petit beach next to the church. It is worth visiting this spot during the sunset, to see the sun sinking beneath the waves of the Aegean Sea. The distance of the route is 5 km.

Parikia - Lefkes

This is a quite difficult route, 11 km long to the final destination, one of the most beautiful villages in Paros. Lefkes are built at an altitude of 200 m. and the view of the coasts of Paros and Naxos island from the village is stunning. The architecture and the colors of the houses impress every visitor, the shops and cafes preserve the traditional touch and the locals are very hospitable. The route to Lefkes has uphills and downhills. Therefore it is considered difficult. You can reach the village by bus and from there take the road to Naoussa.