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Aliki is a fishing village located on the southern coast of Paros, 23 km from Naoussa. Aliki's taverns are well known for their quality fish and seafood that fishermen provide on daily basis. There is a beach with golden sand and crystal clear water, which rarely has waves and it’s suitable for children. There are also cafes right next to the sea.


Piso Livadi


Piso Livadi is one of the most beautiful seaside villages of Paros located 12 km from Naoussa. In Piso Livadi harbor, there is a beach which consists of sand with natural shade from trees that almost reach the sea. A few hundred meters south of the village, you will find the beach of Logaras, which you can reach on foot




Ampelas is a small fishing village on the northeastern coast of Paros island, located 4 km away from Naoussa. It’s an ideal place for those who want to experience calm and relaxing environment. The taverns in Ampelas serve fresh seafood and fish that are supplied daily by the fishermen. There is also a small beach




Lefkes is one of the most beautiful villages in Paros. It’s located in central Paros, 11 km from our hotel. Lefkes was the first capital of Paros and it is the highest village of the island, built at an altitude of 250 meters. On the main street of the village, called Ramnos, you will find tourist shops and few taverns that follow traditional recipes. There are also many traditional cafes




Parikia is the capital of Paros. Parikia and the surrounding area have been inhabited for thousands of years. In place of modern Parikia, formerly the ancient city was located. At Vinci area, lays the ancient cemetery, which was used from the 8th century BC till 2nd century AD. You can walk along the coast or explore the alleys in Old Market. You should also visit Panagia Ekatontapiliani church and the Venetian Castle




Naoussa is probably the most beautiful village of the island and one of the most recognizable among Cyclades. We suggest that you discover its picturesque and narrow alleys in the evening. You will be impressed by the architecture and the hidden boutique shops


Archaeological Museum of Paros


The Archaeological Museum is located in Parikia. Among the most important exhibits of the museum is the Nike of Paros, a marble statue dated back to 470 BC and of 1,35m height, which was found in the Castle of Parikia, the statue of Gorgo of the 6th century BC, with a height of 1,35m which was found in 1993 in Parikia in a fair condition, the statue of Artemis of 490 BC, the older sister of Apollo, with a height of Phone: +30 22840 51700, email:, website: 2,74m, which was found at Delion of Paros, as well as mosaics found in Panagia Ekatontapiliani.


The cave of Antiparos


The cave of Antiparos is the most impressive sights in the area. The impressive entrance to the cave is 170 m above the sea level. Picturesque chapel of St. John welcomes you and it communicates with an even smaller one, Zoodochos Pigi chapel. The chapel of the Zoodochos Pigi is the oldest and was built 350 years ago. At the entrance to this attraction, there is the first and huge stalagmite. It is called Huge Central Column and it is the oldest in Europe. The cave of Antiparos has an area of 5,600 square meters and a depth of 85 m. The inside of the cave temperature is stable at approximately 15 degrees Celsius.


The Butterfly Valley


The Butterfly Valley is a popular attraction, located five kilometers from Parikia, southeast of Parasporos. It is a nature reserve with green landscape with olive trees, cypresses, plane trees, ivy and fruit plants. There is also a natural source of water.The species of butterflies that visit the valley to mate, are Panaxia Quadripunctaria of the Arctiidae family




Ekatontapiliani is located in Parikia. It is one of the most famous sights of the island and attracts thousands of visitors each year. It’s one of the finest, largest and best preserved Christian monuments in Greece. According to historical sources, Ekatontapiliani church was built by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, to fulfill the promise of his mother, St. Helena. The name of the church comes from the 99 doors, while the latter, the hundredth, will be revealed when Constantinople turns back in the hands of the Greeks


Castle of Naoussa


The Venetian castle was built in the early 14th century. In the 15th century was renovated by Sommaripa, the family that dominated in Paros until 1517. It’s located in port of Naoussa.


The Venetian castle


The Venetian castle in Parikia is one of the most famous sights of Paros. Known as Fragokastelo, is located on a hilltop and dominates proudly over the island's capital. The castle was built by Sanudo in the 13th century, who at that time had the title of the Duke of Naxos. For the construction of the castle were used raw materials, various pieces of ancient temples, such as columns, etc




Logaras beach is quite popular because of its beauty and location. This sandy and quiet beach is very near to Piso Livadi village, just few hundred meters away. This fantastic area on the east coast of Paros, 12 km from our hotel is a place where you can spend all day. Logaras beach consists of thick golden sand and crystal green Phone: +30 22840 51700, email:, website: waters. You will find sunbeds and umbrellas, occupying half of the beach. If you will not find a free one, you can lie under one of the trees that provide natural shade. You can reach Logaras using the bus from Naoussa, disembarking on Piso Livadi stop or Logaras stop.




Kalogeros is a beach with few elements that distinguish it from other Paros beaches. It's located right next to Molos beach on the eastern coast of Paros. Kalogeros uniqueness comes from the special mud that you can find there. It's known for therapeutically abilities for skin conditions. Therefore don't hesitate to put some of it on you, before putting the sunscreen. The beach is unspoiled so make sure you will have the necessary snack and water with you. To get to Kalogeros you can use the local bus from Naoussa, but you will have to walk downhill about 15 minutes from the bus stop


Molos Beach


Molos is located in a beautiful secluded area of the island 13km away from Senia Hotel. Located in a large bay at the west coast of Paros, Molos should be on your list, if you are looking for quiet time on the beach. The entire area surrounding Molos beach is protected by the European Law Natura 2000. The beach itself is well protected from waves and it consists of sand with pebbles. The only thing you will find on Molos beach is a small water sport center, where you can take windsurfing lessons or rent the equipment. There are no umbrellas, sunbeds or beach bars. Molos beach is never getting crowded because of its size. It offers family moments as it is safe for children to play in the sand and in the water. To get to Molos you can use the local bus from Naoussa, but you will have to walk downhill about 15 minutes from the bus stop




Marcello Beach is located in Parikia Bay, 12 km away from Senia Hotel. There are two ways to reach Marcello. First of all, you can use your own mean of transport by following the road leading north from Livadia beach. You can also take one of the small fishing boats from Parikia, specially adjust for transporting people. The beach is crowded during summer months. It attracts usually younger people, both Paros visitors and local inhabitants. It consists of yellowish sand and amazing, crustal clear water. It's very well organized. There are beach bars, playing music and offering sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a beach volley court. Marcello is the right next to Krios beach, and in fact both beaches share the same beach line. If you like to find more quiet spot on Marcello, there are few small sandy beaches at the west end of the coast, just a couple of meters long.


Agioi Anargiroi


Agioi Anargiroi is located on the east side of Naoussa. It’s popular among visitors of Naoussa because it's close and it's beautiful. It consists of golden sand and greenish water. It's partially organized, as there are few umbrellas and sunbeds on the west side of the beach. It’s quite long, so you will definitely find space to lie. But if you like to find umbrella for sun protection, you should be on the beach quite early, especially during the high season. If the day you visit Agioi Anargiroi is windy, you should know that the east part of the beach is better protected from the wave.


Golden Beach


Golden Beach is one of the famous in Paros island. Its name comes from the golden powdery sand. Located 15 km from our hotel, at southeastern coast of Paros, Golden Beach is very popular among wind surfers and kite surfers. As Golden Beach is considered as a place to be in the summer, it has all the necessary infrastructure sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars and water sport centers. Golden beach is also suitable for families, as there are quiet spots where your children can play in the sand and swim in the crystal clear water. You can get to golden beach by using the local bus line from Naoussa or Parikia. If you have your own vehicle, parking will not be an issue.




Kolymbithres is located on the opposite side of Naoussa Bay, 5km from our hotel. It’s an amazing place and its uniqueness extends beyond Paros island. The rock formations in Kolymbithres make the scenery look like a place from other planet. The shapes that you will see here, are the outcome of millions of years of erosion by the wind and the sea. Between the impressive rocks, few small beaches were formed, most of them are sandy. Two of those beaches are bigger and organized with umbrellas. The water in Kolymbithres is crystal clear. It is also getting deep gradually so it can be considered as safe for children, but you always have to be alert. As the beach is located inside a bay, the sea here is usually calm, without waves. Right above Kolymbithres, on the main road there are taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner. There are two ways to get to Kolymbithres. You can use the road leading to Monastiri beach or you can get there by the traditional fishing boat called caique, specially transformed for ferry. The starting point of the ferry is the port of Naoussa.


Santa Maria


Santa Maria is considered by many visitors of our island, as one of the most beautiful. It’s located only 6 km to the south from our hotel. Santa Maria can satisfy the needs of every visitor. You will find few well decorated beach bars there, which also rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There are also water sport centers, where you can either take lessons or rent the equipment of your favorite sport. Santa Maria consists of powdery golden sand and amazing, crystal clear water. You will enjoy your swim with the opposite island of Naxos for a view. If you decide to walk to the south crossing Santa Maria, you will be awarded with something rare. There are small sand hills there, and between them, the sea has formed small beaches. There are frequent bus schedules from Naoussa that you can use to get there.


Monastiri Beach


Monasti is located in Naoussa Bay, 8 km away from Senia Hotel. The location of Monastiri beach is unique. On the nortwest entrance of the bay, there is a small cape, you can see it from our hotel, and all its area is protected. You will find Monastiri beach right at the start of cape area. It's located in a small bay surrounded by impressive steep rock cliffs. The terrain of the beach consists of thick sand. The water here is crystal. You can visit it with your children, as it is safe for them. The water is getting deep very gradually and there are no waves here. Monastiri beach is organized and there are sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as beach bar. Because of its small size, it can get crowded, especially during the high season months. If you have a mask and flippers, you should take them with you, as the rocks in both sides of the beach offer interesting underwater environment. There are two ways to get to Monastiri beach. Using the road or by caique from port of Naoussa.




Piperi in the beach that you see from our hotel, just few meters away. It consists of both pebbles and sand. The beach is preferred both by locals and those staying in Naoussa. At the two ends of the beach there are some rocks which are almost flat, parallel to the ground. These rocks make the beach a perfect location for swimming with flippers and a mask.


Senia Hotel

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Senia Hotel Paros is situated in the extremely charming settlement of Naoussa, Paros Island. This complex of studios, apartments, suites and rooms are distinguished by their Cycladic style architecture, white-washed, with blue details.