Escape to a cosmopolitan yet authentic destination surrounded by legacy. Choose Naoussa Village on Paros Island.

Senia Hotel is situated close to the famous port of Naoussa.

Situated in a bay at the north side of Paros, Naoussa village is one of the most picturesque places in Greece. Its traditional alleys with white-washed houses, the petite port accommodating traditional kaiki boats and the Venetian Fortress, compose an environment of a unique beauty.

In Naoussa, a guest will find everything needed during a holiday. Seaside restaurants, bars and cafes; hidden taverns among the alleys, shops and more can be found in the village and within walking distance from Senia Hotel. While walking in Naoussa, you will be surprised by countless chapels built between the houses. Most of them have their doors open and therefore, you can walk in and light up a candle.

Prepare your camera or phone to take many photos, as each corner of Naoussa presents something different and colorful. Our village is known for its decoration, as the inspired people who live here don't leave anything to chance.