Hiking on Paros Island

Connect with the wild nature of Paros Island

Hiking in Paros is a quite popular activity. This is due to the fact that there are many routes and places you can visit in every corner of the island. Your necessary equipment should be: convenient shoes, water and sunscreen.

Recommended hiking routes:

Parikia - Agios Fokas (Distance 4 km)

This is essentially the round of Parikia Bay. Agios Fokas is the beautiful and picturesque church on the northern entrance of the bay. The walk is quite enjoyable, as you will have the sea on your side along the entire walk. At the northern part of Livadia Beach there is a path. It will lead you to Krios beach. You will continue along the sandy beach and pass Marcello beach as well. Then you will follow the road made from asphalt road, until you reach a turn to the right, where the road is moving away from the sea shore. From here, you will continue straight ahead following a path that starts from this point. At the end of this path, you will find yourself before Agios Fokas.

Parikia - Lefkes (Distance 11 km)

The route from Parikia to Lefkes is more suitable for those who are hiking quite often. The distance to this beautiful village is quite substantial and the road is uphill along its entire length. Having that information in mind, you should also know that the destination is one of the most beautiful places in Paros, with traditional alleys, taverns and cafes. Also, the view from Lefkes is fantastic. You do not need many directions to get to the village. There is a main road from Parikia heading east. Just outside of Paros's capital there is an intersection, where one road leads towards Lefkes.

Parikia - Agioi Anargyroi Monastery (Distance 3 km)

The Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi is built on the hills of the mountain, which can be seeing by looking towards south-east. Most of the impressive photos of Parikia and its bay, which you may have seen, have been taken from this spot. You must take into consideration before you start hiking, that the road is uphill. The photos you will take from there will be impressive. Do not forget to take enough water and a snack with you.

Naoussa - Kolymbithres (Distance 5 km)

This is an easy route suitable almost for everyone, with the final destination being one of the most famous and unique beaches of the Aegean. Directions in this case are unnecessary. Follow the main road towards Parikia and at the intersection turn right, as the signs "Kolymbithres" indicate. After you enjoy your swim and you do not wish to return to Naoussa on foot, you can take one of the traditional boats that transfer visitors to and from the beach. You can also continue your hiking to Monastiri Beach and the Paros Environmental Park.

Naoussa - Ampelas - Santa Maria (Distance 10 km)

This is a triangular hiking route, you can also walk separately. The first leg, Naoussa - Ambelas, is 4 km long. Initially, you will follow the main road towards Marpissa until you see the turn to the left towards Ambelas, as indicated by the sign. From then on, the road is downhill until the village and its small seaside square, with its characteristic tree in the middle.
From the main square of Ampelas where the second leg of the route begins, Ambelas-Santa Maria is almost 3 km long. Follow the seafront road from the square to the north. This will take you to the characteristic rocky islet of Philipi. From that point, after you pass the houses, walk along the beach until you reach Santa Maria.
The last leg of the route, Santa Maria - Naoussa, is 4 km long. The road is very pleasant, with no altitude differences. Just follow the road straight ahead and you will reach Naoussa village. During the second half of the leg, you will have a fantastic view of Naoussa Bay.

If you would like to participate in a private hiking tour, let us know and we will arrange it on your behalf. Please note that the reservation of a private hiking tour is subject to availability of the guide.